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Treasure Cover
Page spread 1 copy
Trail Map
Billings cover 8.5
Baja California
Changing Woman Map
Above and below-Cover Final-for print-gs
Ivory Moon-Final Cover 3-15a
Baja Redemption A2M
Batchit Arizona Cover PB IS
for portfolio
for portfolio 2

Graphic designs from Batchit, Arizona: The Rise and Fall

Diagram showing the structure of an aerial tramway passenger/cargo bucket for the longest single-span aerial tramway in the world (1957)
U.S. Guano Corporation passenger/cargo bucket for guano mining effort in the Grand Canyon
Full-bleed image showing the structure of the longest single-span tramway in the world (1957)
Full-bleed image of the aerial tramway built by U.S. Guano Corporation for mining guano from a cave on the other side of the Grand Canyon
McKeen Cover 7-5-19-merged

Full cover design

McKeen Country

McKeen Country Book Mock-up

Arvigo pages

E-book pages from The Urban Herbalist, by Rosita Arvigo

Amaranth enlarged

Image of Amaranth when enlarged on e-book screen

E-book Testing

Testing a client's e-book on multiple devices before sending it back to him for approval and publication. I test on seven (7) different devices (including 2 computers) using about twelve (12) different e-reading apps, such as Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions, Kobo, various computer apps, and others to make sure everything is perfectly rendered everywhere people may read it.

Publishing imprints created for clients.

Wood Brothers Publishing
Payson, Arizona
Wood Brothers Publishing Payson, Arizona
Crucible Books Logo

Crucible Books, publisher of Partrick Road

Cover design