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Batchit Arizona Cover PB IS
for portfolio
for portfolio 2

Graphic designs from Batchit, Arizona: The Rise and Fall

Diagram showing the structure of an aerial tramway passenger/cargo bucket for the longest single-span aerial tramway in the world (1957)
U.S. Guano Corporation passenger/cargo bucket for guano mining effort in the Grand Canyon
Full-bleed image showing the structure of the longest single-span tramway in the world (1957)
Full-bleed image of the aerial tramway built by U.S. Guano Corporation for mining guano from a cave on the other side of the Grand Canyon
McKeen Cover 7-5-19-merged

Full cover design

McKeen Country

McKeen Country Book Mock-up

Arvigo pages

E-book pages from The Urban Herbalist, by Rosita Arvigo

Amaranth enlarged

Image of Amaranth when enlarged on e-book screen

Publishing imprints created for clients.

Crucible Books Logo

Crucible Books, publisher of Partrick Road

Cover design