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The Buckskin

Buckskin Books got its name from my beautiful buckskin horse, Paco. As a quarterhorse-thoroughbred cross, he was registered in the appendix of the Quarterhorse Registry. He was a big boy—gentle and sweet. He spent part of his life as a cow horse, so he was probably "rode hard and put away wet" many times. In the years I owned him, we explored the Sonoran Desert beneath the back range of the Santa Catalina Mountains many times. Together, we celebrated the beauty of the desert landscape. He handled his age well until, in April, 2014, when he turned 28. Problems began to arise and compound one on top of the other until I could no longer watch him struggle. I said goodbye to him on May 27, 2014.

Our Approach

Sharon K. Miller, author of The Clay Remembers (May, 2015), The Clay Endures (July, 2016), and The Clay Sustains (coming in 2017), grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and now lives near Tucson, Arizona.

Having fallen in love with words and reading and books as a child, she wrote her first book in the second grade. She thought that since books have lots of words, all she had to do was fill a marble composition book with words, and she’d have written a book. Every day, she came home from school, climbed into the window seat, and wrote. When the last word at the bottom of the last page was written, she was one happy kid. Did she actually tell a story? No one will ever know. The book was lost when the family moved a year later.

Since then, she’s taken a much more realistic approach to writing. After a career as a high school English and Language Arts teacher, which included a number of years as a teacher-consultant for local affiliates of the National Writing Project (in Maryland and Arizona), she co-authored a successful university level textbook, Doing Academic Writing in Education: Connecting the Personal and the Professional, as well as chapters in education texts. Two short memoir pieces were selected for publication in Seasons of Our Lives: Spring and Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond, award-winning stories from WomensMemoirs.com. She is an occasional contributor to Publication Life Blog. She collaborated with Dr. Cristy Kessler for her book, Surviving Healthcare: Five Steps to Cutting Through the BS, Getting the Treatment You Need, and Saving Your Life.

The three books of The Clay Series were inspired by local history of the Sonoran Desert. To prepare for writing these stories, Sharon researched the history of the Spanish entrada into the Southwestern United States and the archaeological history of the area, taking archaeology classes at the local community college, and participating in archaeological excavations. Both The Clay Remembers and The Clay Endures were awarded 5-Star Reviews from Readers’ Favorite and IndieB.R.A.G. Medallions for Excellence.

As a writer, she is a member of Women Writing the West, the Society of Southwestern Authors, Arizona Authors, the Alliance of Independent Authors, the Independent Author’s Network, Women’s Fiction Writing Association, the Arizona Historical Society,  Archaeology Southwest, Old Pueblo Archaeology, and the Sonoran Desert Museum. As an editor and owner of Buckskin Books, she belongs to the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Website: www.sharonkmiller.com
Blogs: http://authorsharonkmiller.com, and http://boxeldersandblackberries.wordpress.com
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